Predatory Thinking

Predatory Thinking

Predatory thinking. Street smarts. Whatever you want to call it, it's about writing the rules on your terms, rather than following someone else's; it's about changing behaviour through reframing a story or changing the context; it's about seeking unfair advantage to outmanoeuvre the competition.

Predatory Thinking starts and can only finish with the business or behavioural problem. In business and beyond, you are either predator or prey - and if you don't make the choice of which one to be, it gets made for you. Standing still is not an option.

This is where we collect examples of Predatory Thinking - past, present and with an eye on the future. Anyone can contribute, anyone can comment. Join in.
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Washed up


When he started as assistant to the professor of the maternity clinic at the Vienna General Hospital in Austria in 1847, Dr Ignaz Semmelweis was appalled that around 10% of all new mum’s were dying of infections they caught whilst on the ward.

He made doctors, students, and midwives wash their hands after delivering other babies, making beds, or performing autopsies.

Previously they hadn’t bothered.

98% of new mum’s on the ward were able to go home with their children.


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